584-036-0080 Licensure Tests

Summary of Proposed Action:Removes reference to passage of basic skills test as an admission requirement.

Background:At the November 6, 2014 Commission meeting, the Commission voted to change the basic skills test from an admission requirement to a program completion requirement.†† The Commission implemented this change as a temporary rule, and it will consider adopting the change as a permanent rule at its January 29, 2015 meeting.The licensure test rule needs to be amended to reflect the change in basic skill tests requirements.

Copy of Proposed Rule


Licensure Tests

(1) Licensure tests are required to demonstrate subject-matter competency in most endorsement areas established by the Commission. Passage of Commission-approved basic skills tests is required for admission into Oregon educator preparation programs unless the candidate holds a masterís degree from an accredited institution obtained prior to admission into any Oregon education preparation program.

(2) Out-of-State Applicants: (a) Basic Skills:A non-provisional teaching license issued by another state or NASDTEC jurisdiction will be acceptable for waiver of the basic skills test requirement.

(b) Subject-Matter Endorsement: Out-of-state applicants may present proof of passage of another stateís subject-matter competency test for full subject-matter endorsement on an Oregon license under the following conditions:

(a) (A) The area in which the test was passed is comparable to the subject-matter endorsement area adopted by the Commission and is not a basic skills test;

(b) (B) The test was administered by either the former or current testing companies representing Evaluation Systems group of Pearson (ESP) or Education Testing Service (ETS);

(c)(A) (C)(i) A passing score on an out-of-state licensure test for subject-matter endorsement on the license results in waiver of a comparable Oregon adopted beginning-teacher licensure test if the subject-matter area covered by the out-of-state test is more similar than not to the Oregon test;

(B) (ii) The burden is on the applicant to provide alternate proof the test was taken and the score was a passing score in another state if the applicant is unable to produce an original score report. TSPC reserves the right to reject the alternate verification if the source of the score verification is not a higher education institution or another public educator licensure agency; and

(d) (D) Any subject-matter test, except the basic skills tests, may be waived if the applicant demonstrates special academic preparation satisfactory to the Commission together with five years of half-time or more experience teaching the specific subject matter on a license valid for the assignment in a public school or regionally accredited private school in a U.S. jurisdiction before holding any Oregon license. The five years of half-time or more experience must be acquired entirely outside of the State of Oregon and must be obtained while holding an unrestricted out-of-state license valid for the assignment. Teaching experience without a valid license does not count toward test waiver.

(3) An electronic score report submitted by the testing company administering the test at the applicant's request will be treated as an "original" score report. In all other cases, only the original score report, or an authentic facsimile will be accepted as validation of passing the required test. TSPC reserves the right to require the applicant to produce authentic evidence of passage of the test the applicant wishes to submit for consideration for test waiver.

(4) Other evidence documenting passage of a required test for licensure may be accepted at the executive director's discretion when exigent circumstances prohibit the educator from presenting an original score report. The executive director may submit the evidence and the decision to the Commission at the next meeting at the directorís discretion in cases the director believes may need Commission review.

(5) Basic Skills Tests:

(a) To satisfy the basic skills testing requirements, the Commission will accept passing scores on the following tests:

(A) NES Essential Skills Tests ó Evaluation SystemsĖPearson (ESP)

(B) Any basic skills test currently approved or accepted by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC);

(C) Any basic skills test current approved or accepted by the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board (WPESB);

(D) Any Education Testing Service (ETS) developed basic skills tests approved by the Commission.

(b) Notwithstanding subsection (2)(a) above, a A regionally-accredited or foreign equivalent masterís degree or higher held at the time of admission into an educator preparation program, waives the basic skills tests.

(c) An out-of-state applicant may waive the basic skills test with evidence of full out-of-state licensure or a masterís degree from an accredited institution or foreign equivalent.

(d) Applicants submitting proof of a non-provisional California Teaching License will be deemed to have fulfilled the basic skills testing requirement.

(6) Applicants seeking endorsement in areas where the Commission has not adopted an approved test must complete coursework as required by the Commission. In the alternative, applicants may submit evidence of a passing score from another stateís licensure test and evidence they held the endorsement on an out-of-state license in lieu of satisfying the Commissionís required coursework.

(7) For situations not covered by these rules, the Commission grants the executive director the discretion to determine whether test scores or licenses submitted pursuant to this section meet the Commissionís intent with regard to preventing unnecessary redundancy in completing licensure testing requirements.

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