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General Information from TSPC [Help]
  The following categories of information are provided for your support from Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.  

 Testing Information  
 Provides links to the testing organizations and score requirements. 
 Affirmative Action  
 This cagetory contains documents that pertain to the Affirmative Action plan and reports from TSPC 
 TSPC Discipline  
 This category contains annual discipline lists, complaint forms and publications relating to the discipline. 
 ESOL Summit -- April 7, 2008  
 Stakeholder meeting to discuss whether the commission should require an academic program in order to add the ESOL endorsement onto a teaching license. Provides audio link to summit proceedings and documents produced during the summit. 
 TSPC Performance Measure Information  
 This category contains documents that relate to TSPC's performance measures relating to the State Progress Board. 
 Electronic Accounts/Forms Submission Training Manual  
 The information contained in this category will be most useful to Districts who want to submit forms electronically to TSPC. 
 Foreign Degree Transcript Evaluations  
 Lists the entities that offer foreign degree transcript evaluations accepted by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission. 
 Course Codes and Course Cross-Reference Information  
 Current List of Course Codes and Cross-Reference to Endorsements and Authorizations 
 General Information  
 This cagetory contains documents that contain general information about educators in Oregon.