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  Commission Meeting Agenda 
 Q--How do I access the attachments and enclosures for a particular agenda item?
A--Agenda items that have attachments have an arrow key immediately following it. Click on the arrow key and the attachments will appear.

Q—How will I be notified of changes and/or additions to the main agenda?
A—If revisions are made to the original agenda, a revised agenda will be posted on our website prior to the Commission meeting. You will receive an electronic notification when it is available. Any additions, changes or deletions made will be indicated in the left-hand column of the revised agenda.

Q—How do I sign up to receive electronic notification of Commission meeting agendas, minutes and rules notices?
A—You can create and manage your own account at http://www.tspc.state.or.us/onlines.asp, Online Service Account

Q—If I have questions regarding agenda items, who do I contact?
Program Approval—Keith Menk, 503-378-3757
Licensure—Pam LaFreniere, 503-378-3586
Discipline—Melody Hanson, 503-373-1260
Executive—Vickie Chamberlain, 503-378-6813

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