Online Services provided by TSPC have been suspended as of April 9, 2019.

This message is to provide an update on the upcoming implementation of eLicensing Version 2.0. Please forward this message to others at your institution who are not included in this message. Version 2.0 of the eLicensing system will add TSPC staff functions (the ability to issue a license). Soon after the first phase, the team will work to implement portals for school districts to submit information for sponsored licenses (Restricted, Emergency, LCA, and International Visiting Teacher), and for EPPs to submit program completion reports (C-2s).


This implementation will have two major impacts to the operations of the EPPs:

1.       The ability to submit C2s (Program Completion Reports); and

2.       Access to candidate information through Educator Lookup


Please review the following timeline.


April 9

Last day to submit Program Completion Reports (C-2s) into the existing legacy database.


April 10

Operations cease in the Legacy database (“Happy”). Educator Lookup available for historical data through April 16.


April 10


April 30


No EPP access to submit C-2s.


April 10


April 16

Data migration – All data from the legacy database will be migrated into eLicensing and tested by TSPC staff. No background checks will be completed and no new licenses will be issued during this time.


April 17

eLicensing Version 2.0 deployed to production. Functions available: Educators will be able to submit applications and will have increased access to their licensure information. TSPC staff will issue licenses and respond to questions through eLicensing. A Public Search feature will be provided through eLicensing and will replace Educator Lookup, but it may not include background clearance information.


April 26 - 27

Testing of the Program Completion Report.


April 30

EPP training available. Please hold this date for the scheduling of a live webinar. More information will be provided as it is available.


May 1

Launch of eLicensing’s Program Completion Report.




Questions and Answers:

Q: How does this affect a candidate needing to apply for a Clinical Practices Clearance?

A: There is no change to the candidate’s process in eLicensing, but any clearance completed after April 16 will not be viewable in Educator Lookup. There may be a couple of days just prior to April 17 when eLicensing is not available.


Q: How will I know that a candidate has passed the background check?

A: Candidates will receive an email from TSPC advising them that their background check is complete and clear. Suggested procedure: Ask them to forward that email to you when they receive it.


Q: Does this change how candidates send transcripts to TSPC?

A: No. TSPC staff will still receive paper, clearinghouse and electronic transcripts directly from the college or university. Those will be uploaded to an applicant’s file within two business days of receipt.


Q: Is there any change to how test scores are processed?

A: No. These uploads will continue as they do now. Files are received on Fridays, and generally uploaded the following Monday or Tuesday, as per the current process.


Q: Where do I direct questions during this transition?

A: Please continue to send your questions to me (