Practica and Student Teaching

The unit provides practica and student teaching in public and/or approved private school settings for purposes of instruction, assessment of competency, and integration of field work with academic study.

(1) The unit sets criteria for admission and establishes performance standards for successful completion of practica.

(2) The unit recommends for licensure those candidates who successfully complete program requirements and demonstrate professional competency.

(3) Student teaching is at least 15 weeks in length.

(a) At least nine weeks are full-time in schools, during which the student teacher assumes the full range of responsibilities of a classroom teacher for the purpose of developing and demonstrating the competencies required for initial licensure.

(b) During the remaining six weeks, the six week requirement may be met either through full-time or the equivalent part-time experience.

(c) The assignment of responsibilities may be incremental in keeping with the objectives of the experience.

(4) The unit has policies on supervision of practicum students which state the responsibilities of institutional supervisors and practicum site supervisors or cooperating teachers and administrators, including the frequency of observations and conferences with the students.

(5) The unit's supervisor(s) makes a minimum of six supportive/evaluative visits during the student teaching assignment.

(6) At least twice during student teaching, the institution's supervisor(s) meets with the candidate and the school district supervisor(s) in joint conferences to discuss supervisors' evaluations and the student teacher's work samples.

(7) The unit supervisor(s) and the cooperating teacher(s) jointly determine that the candidate has demonstrated in student teaching the skills and competencies specified for the authorization level.

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