TSPC 2006-2007 Work cOMPLETED

Full Commission



Development of Endorsement Area Competencies (PAC)

Approve all remaining standards for hearing Adopt all remaining standards for subject-matter areas

Adopted ESOL Standards (584-065-0100); Adopted School Counselor Standards (584-017-0441 and 584-017-0451);


Endorsements for which standards need to be adopted: Adaptive PE; Agricultural Science and Technology; Art; Biology (?); Chemistry (?); Communications Disorders; Drama; Early Intervention/Special Education; Library Media; Family and Consumer Science; French; General Business; German; Hearing Impaired; Integrated Science; Japanese; Language Arts; Latin; Marketing; Middle School Language Arts; Middle School Science; Middle School Social Studies; Multiple Subjects; Music; Physics; Russian; Social Studies; Spanish; Special Education (review); Speech; Technology Education; Visually Impaired.

Review Site Visit Reports

Reviewed: University of Portland; Willamette; Corban; University of Phoenix; NCC

C-2 Fast Track Implementation

All programs involved in C-2 fast track as of June 30, 2007. Audit visits will resume in September 2007.


Approved adoption of Administrator Preparation test; ESOL test and Civil Rights Test.

Administrator Preparation Program Approval

Approved major modifications to all administrator preparation programs (except University of Phoenix); approved new programs for SOU and Willamette.  Approved changes to field placement rules.

Alternative Assessment

Reviewed Pilot Program approved for implementation for another year.

Review Licensure Rules

Reviewed and revised over 30 percent of licensure rules

Revise Licensure Handbook

Revised and online version reviewed by commission

Review Scope of Science Licenses

{Postponed until High School Implementation Committee work underway with ODE/SBE}

Evaluate Executive Director

Completed May 2007

Launch Online Licensure Handbook

Completed April 2007

Launch Online HQT Calculator

{Postponed for other technology projects}

Develop 2007-2009 Mission/Vision/Goals

Reviewed; final review an approval August 2007.

Administrative Rules Review

Review ongoing