Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

465 Commercial Street NE

Salem OR  97301


February 9-11, 2011











The Program Approval Committee recommends adoption of the following resolutions:


RESOLVED, that the Commission accept Concordia University’s submission of program material documenting compliance with OAR 584-065-0050 Reading Specialist;


RESOLVED FURTHER, that the unit and programs offered by Concordia University – College of Education are approved for one year with the following conditions:

a.       By July 20, 2011, the unit will provide evidence to the Commission that candidate data were provided to the Consortium and the Consortium made recommendations with regard to that data.  Additionally, the unit will show how the recommendations will impact their program.


RESOLVED FURTHER, that following consideration of the evidence submitted in July, the Commission will complete their recommendations with regard to ongoing program approval.





Concordia University provided the Commission with documentation demonstrating compliance with OAR 584-017-0060 Unit Personnel for the Program with the development and implementation of a plan to recruit and retain diversity faculty and candidates.  


Concordia University also provided to the Commission the framework for the gathering and sharing of data with the Consortium.  This documentation, along with the follow-up information and evidence requested for the July 2011 Commission meeting, will complete the information necessary to demonstrate whether the standard OAR 584-017-0025 Evaluating and Verifying Candidate Competency is “met” at that time.


The material submitted to demonstrate fulfillment of OAR 584-065-0050 Reading Specialist has been submitted for Commission consideration.