Reading Specialist

Practicum – EDU 579


The Practicum Students are responsible for the following:

1.       Complete reading specialist requirements for a minimum of 90 documented hours. Approximately 30 hours will be attributable to each of the listed classes.  In instances where a candidate does not have his or her own classroom, an on-site co-operating Teacher may be requested to host and observe some of the required demonstrations, as the candidate works with his or her students under the direction of the reading specialist.

For EDU 582 – Diagnosis & Assessment of Reading

·         The practicum students will prepare one Case Study in cooperation with the course instructor. 

·         The Case Study will be graded by the course instructor (who must be a licensed reading specialist). 

·         Students must also prepare a classroom assessment toolkit to be assessed by a licensed reading specialist or course instructor who is a reading specialist and verified by this course instructor--complete class assessments to include:

·    running records and

·   a Marie Clay Observation Survey, while at times being observed by the on-site reading specialist.

        (Standards addressed will be: IRA/NCATE 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 3.1, 3.2, 3.);

For EDU 583 – Advanced Techniques for Teaching Reading

·         The practicum students will prepare two lesson plans demonstrating the teaching of reading strategies

·          The student will be observed by the assigned reading specialist in teaching these lessons. 

·         Students must also prepare a classroom strategy toolkit as outlined in EDU 583, to be graded by the cooperating reading specialist.

        (Standard addressed will be: IRA/NCATE 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.3, 4.2)

For EDU 581 – Organization and Management of Reading Programs,

·         The student will document his/her observations based on the techniques for observation learned in class and based on Wepner, chapter 9.(This will be graded by the course instructor & verified by the on-site reading specialist.)

        (Standards addressed will be: IRA/NCATE 2.1, 2.2, 2.3,)

2.       Conference and reflect on a weekly basis with the supervisor, who must be a certified reading specialist, and submit the written reflections to the supervisor

3.       Be a viable part of the mid-term conference, where progress and suggestions for improvement will be discussed.

4.       Maintain a Log Sheet of Practicum hours.

5.       Turn in all paperwork, including Practicum Portfolio at the end of your Practicum Time (see check sheet)

6.       Thank your site-administrator, your site specialist, any site teachers where you worked with classroom students, and your Concordia Supervisor for the time they have invested.


Practicum Student – EDU 579


      1.       “Reflections”


                                                Each week the candidate is in the school working with the reading specialist, a

                                                reflection of the work with the student(s) will written up and shared with the

                                                Concordia supervisor  


      2.       Demonstration over time of practices learned in EDU 582, EDU 583, and EDU 581


                                                Meet with onsite Reading Specialist


                                                A schedule of the year’s overview for reading will be discussed, and the

                                                Specialist and the candidate will lay out a tentative schedule for working with



                                                The reading specialist, the candidate, and the Concordia supervisor will go over the proposed course to be followed.


                                                 A final portfolio/journal of all projects and assessments will be submitted to the

                                                Concordia supervisor for final evaluation as a demonstration of the candidates

                                                ability to work with students effectively in improving reading.


      3.       Evaluation


                                                As this is a practicum that is accomplished over time, the supervisor and

                                                the candidate will best determine the midpoint of the experience, and a

                                                formal evaluation will be conducted of the work to date, and how it is a

                                                solid demonstration of the practices from the reading classes put into

                                                practice with actual students.  There will be a final meeting and evaluation of

                                                the portfolio at the end of the practicum.


                                                Practicum Program Evaluation is completed and returned to the Concordia

                                                Supervisor in an envelope addressed to the Director of Graduate Studies.


                                                The Log Sheet documenting a minimum of 90 clock hour recorded is given to the

                                                Concordia supervisor


      4.       Conferences (enter dates on lines below)


                                                                Initial orientation with Concordia supervisor & mentor teacher


                                                                Mid-term Evaluation Conference


                                                                Observation Conference (four)


                                                                Final Evaluation Conference (bring log sheet)


On-site Reading Specialist- EDU 579


1.          Preparation: The practicum for the reading specialist is rather unique.  It                                                            involves working directly with the on-site reading specialist. Specific assignments will drive the portfolio that is required rather than a work sample, per se.  This seemed the most appropriate demonstration of the candidates ability to apply the newly learned skills. Familiarity with what is

         expected will be important, so the orientation conference with the Concordia Supervisor, the On-         Site Reading Specialist, and the Candidate is extremely important.


2.       Conferences




                                                Mid-point Evaluation Conference


                                                Observation conferences


                                                Final Evaluation Conference


3.          Observations:


                                                Observe the practicum student often enough to be able to effectively

                                                evaluate instructional performances


                                                Provide appropriate feedback


4.          Reading Specialist  On-Site Evaluation – (enter dates on lines below)


               _______________ Proposal Approval


                _______________ Sign Log Sheet


               _______________ Mid-Point Evaluation


                _______________ Final Evaluation




Concordia Supervisor (must be a certified reading specialist) – EDU 579


      1.       Preparation: Be familiar with all documents and requirements for the reading practicum.


                                                Reviewed all manuals and forms

                                                Orientation with Director of Graduate Studies


2.            Conferences


                                                Conduct initial orientation with practicum student & mentor teacher

                                                Conduct Mid-term Evaluation Conference

                                                Conference with practicum student

                                                Conduct Final Evaluation Conference

                                                “Touch Base” conferences with Director of Graduate Studies as necessary


      3.       Observations


                                                Complete a minimum of four visits and record dates



                                                Give NCR copies of all Lesson Evaluation to the practicum student



      5.       Evaluation (please enter dates on lines by items)


                                                Mid-term CPE Conference completed

                                                Completed the College Supervisor’s Final Evaluation and Recommendation form

                                                for practicum students permanent file

                                                Collected the practicum student’s Practicum Evaluation (in a sealed envelope

                                                addressed to the Director of Graduate Studies) Collected Log Sheet from

                                                practicum student


      6.       Sign-Out


                                                Completed this Concordia Supervisor “Practicum Checklist”.  This page

                                                serves as the cover sheet for all required paperwork.  Once you have collected

all work (which indicates that the practicum has been completed), please submit it to the Director of Graduate Studies. 

                                                Thank you for your hard work.

                                                Returned a copy of Supervisor Mileage Tally to Lee Ila Lewis.