Waiver of Academic or Experience Requirements by the Commission

(1) The Executive Director may substitute successful teaching, personnel service, or administrative experience to satisfy minimal requirements for formal college preparation or public school experience required in the rules for licensure. Experience acceptable for substitution for minimal requirements shall be such that the applicant has developed skills and knowledge comparable to that developed through approved program preparation. To be granted a basic, standard, initial or continuing license, a candidate shall have clearly demonstrated ability to perform the duties of the position.

(2) The Commission shall monitor any waivers granted under section (1) of this rule and shall receive reports on such waivers.

(3) Applicants requesting licensure based on substitution of successful teaching, personnel service, or administrative experience to satisfy licensure requirements shall submit the following materials:

(a) Application form, evaluation fee, and supporting materials;

(b) A written statement from the applicant including type of license requested, requirements and qualifications to be considered, supportive information, and plans for professional growth;

(c) If applicable, written statements from supervisors in the employing school district indicating support for the substitution and the particular competency of the candidate in relationship to identified district and student needs; and

(d) The applicant's resume and a statement indicating reasons for referring the matter to the Executive Director.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 342
Stats. Implemented: ORS 342.120 - 342.430 & 342.985
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