Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

465 Commercial Street NE

Salem OR97301


January 11, 2007










The Licensure Committee recommends adoption of the following resolutions:


RESOLVED, that the Commission accept the alternative assessment of competence as determined by the Commission licensure staff and adopt the resolutions as specified for all eight (8) of the respective candidates presented at this meeting.


RESOLVED FURTHER, that as a result of the evaluation pursuant to the criteria determined by the Commission, the test for which each candidate seeks waiver is hereby waived as indicated on the confidential materials submitted to Commissioners.




The Commission approved for a period of one year (7/1/06-6/30/07) a new procedure for alternative assessment of teacher and teacher candidates in lieu of subject matter tests which includes:1) Documentation of at least one attempt at the subject matter exams; 2) a transcript review to determine whether or not the candidates coursework is aligned with the endorsement for which the candidate is seeking waiver using Division 38; 3) verification of a 3.0 or better GPA in the content area; 4) evidence that part of the coursework in the content area has been completed within the three years prior to application for alternative assessment; and 5) two letters of recommendation attesting directly to the educatorís demonstrated competency in the content area.


After discussion at the November meeting, it was determined that the staff would present the summaries of the evaluations to the Commission for ratification.Attached is documentation for eight candidates for Alternative Assessment.


[The evaluation materials are confidential and only attached to the Commissionís packets.]