Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

465 Commercial Street NE

Salem OR97301


March 9, 2006











The Executive Director recommends adoption of the following resolution(s):


RESOLVED that, the Commission shall hold a hearing regarding whether Michael Henry Gillette violated ORS 342.553, the statute that requires educators to give districts 60 days notice prior to resigning.


RESOLVED FURTHER that, following the hearing, the Commission shall authorize the Executive Director to draft an order consistent with the Commissionís findings with regard to whether Michael Henry Gillette violated ORS 342.553.




During the last legislative session, the Legislature granted the Commission the authority to hold hearings with regard to alleged violations of ORS 342.553.[A copy of the statute is attached.]


The Commission has not held hearings as a panel since after the 1999 Legislative Session.In 1999, all agency administrative hearings were required to be heard by the Office of Administrative Hearings. However, these particular cases are time sensitive.The statute requires the Commission to suspend the license for the remainder of the school year of an educator who fails to give the district 60 days notice prior to resigning.The Commission has drafted administrative rules related to these hearings.[A copy of these rules is also attached.]


Our out-going Senior Assistant Attorney General, Joe McKeever will conduct training over the phone to assist the Commission in conducting the hearing.


The hearing must be held in public session. The materials needed for the hearing are also attached to this agenda item.