Administrative Rule Hearing Minutes

Teacher Standards & Practices Commission Conference Room

465 Commercial St NE

Salem, Or  97305


Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Call to Order

On Tuesday, September 26, 2006 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Vickie Chamberlain, the Executive Director of Teacher Standards and Practices Commission presided over the administrative law hearing conducted at the TSPC office.


Staff Present                                                                                         Observers

Victoria Chamberlain                                                                            None Present

Kathy Rogers                                               


Rules considered at the Hearing:




584-050-0016    Reinstatement of Suspended License, Registration, or Right to Apply for a license or Registration

584-050-0018    Reinstatement of Revoked License, Registration, or Right to Apply for a License or Registration.

584-050-0019    Termination of Probation

584-050-0043    Name changes

584-080-0002    Definitions for Division 80                                                  

584-080-0012    Initial Administrator License (IAL)

584-080-0022    Continuing Administrator License (CAL)





584-017-0120    Elementary Authorization

584-038-0290    Basic Exceptional Learner I

584-038-0295    Basic Exceptional Learner II

584-038-0310    Basic Severe Exceptional Needs Learner

584-038-0320    Basic Speech Impaired

584-038-0330    Basic Visually Impaired

584-038-0335    Basic Early Intervention and Special Education I

584-038-0336    Basic Early Intervention and Special Education II

584-040-0260    Standard Exceptional Learner I

584-040-0265    Standard Exceptional Learner II

584-040-0280    Standard Severe Exceptional Needs Learner

584-040-0290    Standard Speech Impaired

584-040-0310    Standard Early Intervention and Special Education I

584-040-0315    Standard Early Intervention and Special Education II

584-048-0006    Renewal of Pre-21st Century Educator Licenses

584-048-0010    Renewal of Licenses Based Upon Continuous Licensed Employment

584-048-0015    Experience Acceptable for Renewal of Licenses

584-048-0020    Renewal of Teaching Licenses—Special Provisions

584-048-0025    Ongoing Renewal of Basic Teaching Licenses for Use in Elementary, Middle, and Junior

                        High Schools Only

584-048-0030    Renewal of Basic Licenses for Use in Special Education in Preprimary through Grade


584-048-0032    Renewal of Basic Licenses for Use in Grades Five through Twelve or in Preprimary through Grade Twelve

584-048-0035    Standard Teaching License Renewal

584-048-0040    Professional Technical Teaching License Renewal

584-048-0065    Basic Personnel Service License Renewal

584-048-0067    Renewal of Personnel Service Licenses—Special Provisions

584-048-0070    Standard Personnel Service License Renewal

584-048-0085    Renewal of a Basic Administrative License

584-048-0090    Renewal of Administrative License—Special Provisions

584-048-0095    Standard Administrative License Renewal

584-048-0105    Five-Year Teaching License Renewal

584-048-0110    Administrative License Renewal

584-048-0115    Reinstatement of Expired Licenses

584-048-0120    Special Provisions for a One-Year Extension to Basic and Standard Licenses

584-050-0004    Procedure for Incomplete Application

584-050-0005    Criteria for Granting Licenses

584-050-0006    Criteria for Denying Issuance or Reinstatement of Licenses

584-050-0009    Procedures for Disciplinary Action in Certain Cases 

584-050-0012    Criteria for Denial of Licensure Based on Conviction for Crimes

584-050-0015    Reinstatement of Suspended, Revoked, or Surrendered License or Registration

584-050-0020    Suspension for Resignation in Violation of Contract

584-050-0022    Suspension for Failure to Obtain Valid First Aid Card

584-050-0027    Surrender of License or Registration

584-050-0035    Must be Licensed to Begin Employment

584-050-0040    Expiration of Licenses and Continued Use of Expired Licenses

584-050-0042    Addresses and Uses of Addresses

584-060-0022    Continuing Teacher License Requirements

584-060-0051    Teaching Authorization Levels

584-060-0071    Endorsements Requiring Multiple Authorization Levels

584-080-0001    Purpose

584-080-0031    Continuing Superintendent License

584-100-0006    Definitions




584-048-0042    Renewal of Supervisory Professional-Technical Licenses

584-050-0007    Criteria and Procedures for Denying Renewal of a License

584-050-0008    Procedures for Consideration of Other Cases

584-050-0025    Revocations and Suspensions for Other Than Violation of Contract or Failure to Obtain Card

584-080-0011    Initial Administrator License

584-080-0021    Continuing Administrator License