Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

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November 1-2, 2007












During the August 2007 meeting, the Commission indicated interest in discussing whether to require a full academic program in order to add an ESOL endorsement.


Since that time, the Executive Director convened a Steering Committee of interested stakeholders to discuss the issues for a dialogue on whether to require an academic program.


People attending the September 7, 2007, Steering Committee meeting were:

Maria Dantas-Whitney – WOU Assistant Professor (ESOL)

Cheryl Brown – Willamette Assistant Professor; Director of the Center for Excellence

Teresa Ferrer – OEA

Colin Cameron – COSA

Carmen West – ODE – Education Specialist ELL/Bilingual

Bev Pratt – ODE -- Education Specialist Teacher Quality

Pat Evenson-Brady – Commissioner; Superintendent of Hood River

Pam LaFreniere – TSPC staff

Keith Menk – TSPC staff

Vickie Chamberlain – TSPC staff


A framework for discussion was crafted:  [See attached agenda item.]  The Steering Committee’s framework was later discussed with a group of interested higher education ESOL program faculty.  This group volunteered to craft a matrix of their courses and align them with the currently adopted ESOL standards in Division 65.


The Executive Director has had a preliminary conversation with facilitators Connie Green and Vicki Willis.  A one-day summit will be held in Spring 2008 to discuss with districts and educators the implications of requiring a program for the addition of the ESOL endorsement to a license.


The initial conversations have been very informative.  There is a definite need to align the programs with the English Language Development standards adopted by ODE.  Additionally, there are financial considerations as it relates to the funding from the state to school districts for English Language Learners.


Do any other issues come to mind after reviewing the issues?  A framework for the summit will be presented to the Commission in February.