2005-2007 Biennium




A.        The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission adopts the following statement of assurance to guide its Affirmative Action plan for the   2005-2007 biennium:


                                    It is the policy of the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission that no person be subjected to discrimination on the basis

                                    of race, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, marital status or sexual orientation in any program, service or activity

                                    for which the Commission is responsible. The Commission will comply with the requirements of state and federal law                                                          concerning nondiscrimination and will strive by its actions to enhance the dignity and worth of all persons.


B.         The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) is an equal opportunity agency which values diversity in its workforce, and is     committed to affirmative action: we encourage minorities, women, and persons with disabilities to apply.  TSPC has identified goals which            help develop and maintain a representative workforce and which allow the agency to provide true equal employment opportunity for all      applicants.




The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission has identified the following goals to develop and maintain a representative workforce:


A.        Include appropriate representation of females, under-represented populations, and persons with disabilities in all job classifications. Make     modifications and accommodations that enable employees with disabilities to receive equal benefits and privileges afforded other employees.


B.         Provide equal employment opportunity for all applicants.


C.        Represent the ethnic and geographic diversity of the state as well as the educational positions and publics which have an interest in the            Commission’s actions.




A.        Commissioners:  The Commission will assist the Governor in identifying qualified educators and public members who      represent the geographic and ethnic diversity of the State and to meet the criteria for appointment established by statute.



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B.         Executive Director: The Executive Director is responsible for implementation of the Equal Employment Opportunity policies and the      oversight of adherence to Affirmative Action principles. The Executive Director also oversees the implementation of agency policies which    reflect best practices with regard to hiring and workplace cultural inclusion.


C.        Agency Staff: The Commission employs a staff of 20 FTE (1.5 FTE are limited duration) in accordance with the Department of Administrative Service’s Human Resource Services Division.  Where appropriate, the Commission interviews qualified applicants who are identified by      DAS Human Resource Services Division’s recruitment procedures as belonging to an under-represented group.


D.        Workplace: The agency is committed to maintaining a workplace that is harassment free and culturally inclusive.




The agency consists of 35 percent (7) males and 65 percent (13) females. Demographically, the staff is 90 percent white, 5% Latino and 5% Native American. Five staff are classified as management with 40 percent male and 20% being Latino (the Executive Director). Because of the agency’s small size, opportunities arise with each vacancy to make a difference. During this past interim, the agency’s diversity was represented by one Native American, one Latina and one African American, all women.  The agency will continue to work toward a more diverse workforce by more active recruitment in the event of staff vacancies. The agency recently received approval to convert the top two management positions into an Executive Service, making the opportunities to appoint a qualified underrepresented candidate even better. 


The diversity of the appointed commission is 12 percent-underrepresented persons, 88 percent white, 18 percent male and 82 percent female.


The agency has developed a detailed Employee Handbook which addresses affirmative action and equal employment opportunity issues. The agency sponsored one employee for personal development related to her Native American heritage. Additionally, we have become active in working with local Oregon Indian Tribes on issues related to licensure and language saving measures.  We have also worked closely with the Oregon Association of Latino Administrators. TSPC was a co-sponsor of the first education “Cultural Competency Summit” in March 2004 in partnership with the Oregon Department of Education, higher education and others. The commission is committed to developing cultural competency standards for educators and is examining cultural competency and its role in the ethical behavior of educators. 


Without a diverse pool, we were able to hire a Spanish-bilingual person into the position as a way to better serve the public. She has been an enormous help recently with new educators seeking information from the commission. When unable to fill the Deputy Director position with a qualified diverse candidate, we hired an individual who is an expert in cultural competency and civil rights training.  We believe that we also must develop the cultural competency skills of the existing staff and training in this area is an agency commitment over the next biennium.


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