Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

465 Commercial Street NE

Salem OR  97301


August 3-5, 2005






OAR 584-100-0046







The Executive Director recommends adoption of the following resolution:


RESOLVED, that the Commission approve the filing of a temporary rule, effective immediately, to amend OAR 584-100-0046, Preliminary Teaching License to be allowed at any school to assist districts with complying with the federal No Child Left Behind Act.




The Commission created the Preliminary Teaching License for eligible out-of-state applicants and teachers new to Oregon who meet the subject-matter competency requirements of the federal NCLB.


Initially, the license was only available to applicants who could document they were being hired into Title I programs.


Effective the end of the 2005-2006 school year, all teachers of core academic subjects are required to be highly qualified.  Some districts are not waiting until then and want to be assured that their teachers are highly qualified upon being hired at the beginning of this school year. 


These amendments would have had to be made in the next year anyway, since there does not appear to be an expeditious way to get out-of-state previously licensed teachers on the Initial Teaching License.


This license was created because the Transitional Teaching License is provisional and teachers have three years to meet requirements for the Initial Teaching License (a non provisional license). The NCLB prohibits teachers from meeting the definition of “highly qualified” if licensure provisions have been waived on a provisional, temporary or emergency basis. Under the Preliminary Teaching License, teachers only have one year to complete full Initial Teaching License requirements and they MUST meet the subject-matter competency requirements of NCLB at the time the Preliminary Teaching License is issued.