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                                                                                                                        July 10, 2002

                                                                                                                        Date of Review






The Reading Specialist Endorsement will be added to Concordia’s approved Masters of Education graduate program.  M.Ed. candidates who desire a reading endorsement must satisfactorily complete the prescribed courses in the Masters of Education program, the required reading endorsement courses, the required practicum experiences, and must pass the Praxis exam.  


If candidates choose to use the Reading Endorsement program as a component of their Continuing Teaching License program, they will complete EDU 500: Professional Planning Seminar (1 semester credit), the five required Reading Endorsement courses with the three practicum experiences, EDU 697: Professional Assessment Seminar (1 semester credit), and must pass the Praxis exam.  If they want their Reading Endorsement only, candidates will take the required five courses, complete the three practicum experiences, and pass the Praxis exam.


For field experience, candidates will complete 90 hours of supervised practicum in conjunction with three of the courses (EDU 581, 582, and 583).  The practicum can be completed in the school in which they teach, under the guidance and supervision of the district (or building) reading specialist.


Proposal Completed


pp. 11 & 12            1.            Program philosophy and objectives


Appendix A            2.            Course outlines


p. 16                     3.            Practica and field studies


Appendix F            4.            Relationship of courses to NCATE Standards


Appendix B            5.            Consortium review



Summary of proposal


The Concordia University Reading Endorsement Program proposal provides an opportunity for teachers with existing licenses to add a Reading Specialist Endorsement.  They may choose EC/EL or ML/HS, or they may choose to complete all four authorization levels.  This program is not designed to be completed during Initial licensure preparation. 


The program is aligned with NCATE standards, and attention was given to IRA standards and the Learning First Alliance report “Every Child Reading.”  Three goals frame the program:

1.      Instruction: The reading specialist’s role should support, supplement, and extend excellent classroom teaching.

2.      Assessment: The reading specialist will assess the reading strengths and needs of students and provide that information to classroom teachers, parents, and specialized personnel, as needed.


3.      Leadership: The reading specialist should be a resource to other educators, parents, and the community.    


Concordia plans to begin the sequence of courses in Fall term 2002 if approved by the Commission.





1.      How will candidates complete practica at levels where they are not teaching?  Will they be required to do so?

2.      In the future, do you envision offering more than one course per semester?

3.      Is NCATE Standard 2.14 really not taught or assessed, or is the X missing?