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Application Instructions For An Oregon

Initial School Counselor License


These instructions are for your first Oregon Initial School Counselor License.If you are attempting to renew or reinstate any Oregon license, contact TSPC. If you cannot satisfy all requirements for the Initial School Counselor License, refer to the instructions for the Transitional School Counselor License.



Education Requirement


  • A masterís or higher degree in counseling, education, or related behavioral sciences from a regionally accredited* institution in the United States, or the foreign equivalent of such degree approved by the commission, together with any equally accredited bachelorís degree.


  • Completion in Oregon or another U.S. jurisdiction, as part of the masterís degree or separately, of an initial graduate program in school counseling at an institution approved for counselor education by the commission.


  • Completion of a practicum approved by the commission in early childhood and elementary counseling, or in middle level and high school counseling, as part of the initial graduate program or separately.


Basic Skills Requirement

Submit your original test score report for basic skills (either CBEST or Praxis/PPST). Your original score report will be returned to you after recording. You may have NES or ETS submit scores electronically to TSPC. Official transcripts of a regionally accredited* doctorís degree waives this requirement.


Professional Knowledge Requirement


Submit a minimum score of 610 (under current sem) on the Praxis Test of School Guidance and Counseling.


The professional knowledge test in school counseling may be waived if you verify five years of full-time counseling in a public school or regionally accredited* private school in the U.S. on a license valid for the assignment before obtaining any Oregon license. Verification of public school experience or regionally accredited* private school experience must be made on a Professional Educational Experience Report (PEER) Form. We do not accept photocopies or faxes of PEER forms.


Civil Rights Knowledge Requirement


Evidence of knowledge of laws prohibiting discrimination in Oregon. This requirement can be completed at a workshop or through a correspondence course through Oregon State University. You can locate the schedule and correspondence information under Publication on our website entitled: Schedule of Workshops in Civil Rights Knowledge.






Recent Educational Experience Requirement


A.                  Submit Form C-2 showing that you completed a counselor education program within the last three years, OR


B.                  Submit verification of one year of full-time licensed educator experience in public schools or regionallyaccredited* private schools in the U.S. begun and completed within the last three years, OR


C.                  Submit transcripts verifying nine quarter hours of approved academic credit completed within the last three years and germane to counseling.



Teaching Experience Requirement


Two academic years of experience as a full-time licensed teacher in a public school or regionally accredited* private school in any state or other U.S. jurisdiction, or in one or more of the following schools in Oregon: an education service district school, a state-operated or state-supported school, a federal school, a private elementary or secondary school registered by the state Department of Education, or a private proprietary career school licensed by the superintendent of public instruction or completion of a practicum approved by the commission in teaching at any level, as part of an initial graduate program or separately.


A.              Documents Needed For Application


C.                  All documents needed for evaluation of your application must be submitted in a single envelope.An incomplete application will be returned.You will need the following:


E.                  ††††A.Official transcripts of all college preparation including verification of degrees conferred.


  1. Official transcripts bear the seal of the institution and signature of the registrar and must be submitted in a separate sealed registrarís envelope with your application.


B.      Form C-2 completed by your counselor education institution. (Or by an Oregon approved institution evaluating your foreign preparation). Also submit photocopy of most recent license authorizing you to counsel in schools, if any.


Form C-2 must be submitted in a separate sealed college or university envelope.


C.      Original score reports from test of basic skills AND test of professional knowledge.Do not have test score reports mailed directly to TSPC. Score reports must be sent to you for submission to TSPC with your application. Your original score reports will be returned to you after recording.


D.      Verification of counselor and recent other educator experience by a public school district(s) or regionally accredited private school(s) on the Professional Educational Experience Report (PEER) form.A photocopy of your out-of-state license. Front & back.


The PEER form must be submitted with your application in a separate sealed envelope with district or school envelope letterhead.


†††††† †††† E. Verification of two years of teaching experience or the teaching practicum.


1.                    Experience gained in an internship is not accepted.


F.      Evidence of civil rights knowledge workshop or coursework. You must submit a photocopy of the certificate received or official transcripts, whichever applies.




G.†† Submit one fingerprint card and $62 fingerprint processing fee.


Oregon law requires that applicants who apply for an Oregon license as an educator must submit one fingerprint card for checking Oregon and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal history records.†††† Refer to Instructions For Fulfilling Oregon's Fingerprinting Requirements.


TSPC will not accept any other states fingerprint clearance/background check.


TSPC will not issue a license until a criminal background check has been cleared by both Oregon State Police and FBI.


H.      Complete Application Form C-1 as follows:


Ł       Provide all information requested on Form C-1. Check that you are applying for an Initial School Counselor License.


Ł       Complete the character questions attesting to your fitness to serve as an educator and provide all supporting materials if required.


Ł       If you have been convicted of a DUII and have successfully completed a diversion program, please submit a copy of court documentation verifying successful completion of the diversion program with your application.


Ł       Sign and date the application within 90 days prior to submitting your materials to TSPC.


I.        Submit the application materials and fee


††††††††††† Fees

††††††††††† Oregon Initial License evaluation fee†††††††††††††††††††††††† $100

††††††††††† Fingerprint processing fee ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $62


The application fee is assessed for evaluating your qualifications for an Oregon Initial School Counselor License and is nonrefundable.If you meet the requirements, a license will be issued at no additional cost.




††††††††††† *Regionally accredited associations accepted by TSPC:


         New England Association of Schools and Colleges

         North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

         Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges

         Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

         Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

         Western Association of Schools and Colleges



Enclose All Materials In A Single Envelope And Mail Them To:


Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

465 Commercial St NE

Salem, OR97301






Testing Information


For information on these tests, contact:


††††††††††† CBEST Program, National Evaluation Systems, P.O. Box 340880, Sacramento, CA 95834-0880 and request the Registration Bulletin, phone (916) 928-4001.


††††††††††† The Praxis Series, Educational Testing Service, P.O. Box 6051, Princeton, NJ 08541-6051 and request the Registration Bulletin, phone (609) 771-7395.Information on NTE Programs is also available from the testing offices of colleges and universities and major school districts across the U.S.


Basic Skills Tests

Praxis I:Academic Skills Assessments

(Computer & paper versions are available)


Minimum Score

PPST: Mathematics



PPST: Reading



PPST: Writing






California Basic Skills Test (CBEST)




Specialty Area Tests

Subject Endorsements


Minimum Score

Current SEM


School Guidance and Counseling







School Psychologist









Effective October 1, 1995 the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission implemented the new NTE Praxis Series examinations for basic skills listed above.


Although new exams have been adopted, the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission will continue to honor the NTE examination for basic skills taken during the implementation dates listed on the testing information available on our website.


Basic Skills Tests

NTE Core Battery Tests


Minimum Score

General Knowledge



Communication Skills